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- Welcome our new provider, Molly Gerken, Certified Nurse Practitioner. Molly grew up in Brunswick, Georgia and attended Emory University School of Nursing for both her undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees. Prior to pursing her nursing degrees, Molly received a bachelor's... Continue »

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- Our patient portal is back up and now improved. For old users and new users, we have to invite you to join. If you would like to be on the portal, contact us at the office.... Continue »

Our Mission Statement

As Board Certified family physicians, we provide continuous and comprehensive health care to the individual and the entire family. Our training is multidisciplinary so that we can provide care to children and adults of all ages. In addition to providing care when you are ill, we will also help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and work with you to prevent illness.

As family physicians, we recognize that an illness or problem in the family affects all family members. It is our mission to provide the highest quality, comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare to you and your family in a compassionate manner. Our practice is independently owned and operated. Therefore, even though we contract with a number of insurance companies our primary obligation is to you, our patients.



Urban Family Practice Associates - "Your" Patient Centered Medical Home

As Family Practice providers, we feel that each and every person should have a "Personal Medical Home," that serves as the main contact point through which they receive acute care, such as for injuries and illnesses, chronic care for longer term medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and also preventive medical services, to minimize the need for acute and chronic treatment. Your Medical Home should provide you with access to your Physician (by appointment, phone consult, and/or even online), your medical records, and the medical information you need to make decisions on your health. Through an ongoing relationship with one of our Family Practice providers in your medical home, you can be assured of care that is accessible, accountable, comprehensive, patient centered, and scientifically valid.


We attempt to be accessible, by saving some appointments as "urgent/same day," and by maintaining a 24 hour call system for emergencies outside of office hours. When calling for an appointment for an "Urgent/Same Day Only" medical problem, please remember that we care for other patients as well. Seeing you within 24 hours of your call should be possible, if you are flexible, but it may require some shuffling of your schedule, as well as ours.


We are accountable, in that you should leave the office with all of your questions answered, or at least a discussion of a plan that you understand. We try to maintain a competitive fee schedule, and contracts with most of the larger insurance companies, and we try to treat you in the most cost-effective way we are able, to minimize your medical bills and your medical insurance premiums.


We attempt to make sure your comprehensive medical needs are met. We attempt to coordinate care with our circle of specialists so that you get all the medical care you need without duplicating care, or providing care you don't need.


"YOU" are at the center of your care. That means we make every attempt to keep you apprised of your condition and those things that affect it, and have you involved in the decisions regarding how to proceed. We provide care in a compassionate and considerate manner.


We will attempt to take advantage of scientifically valid studies on disease and treatment to keep you healthy, while treating you with compassion, and respect.


We hope to keep you and your family satisfied with your Personal Medical Home and appreciate the honor of serving your medical needs.

I just stopped at the pharmacy, checked my blood pressure (BP) it read high! Should I be concerned?

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We are now a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Computerphoto.jpg We are a Level III Patient Centered Medical Home with the goal to provide quality, comprehensive, and cost-effective health care to our patients. Continuity of patient care is rewarding and important in the overall management of our patients. Our goal...

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